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Data Protection

The Middle Ring Properties GmbH hotel subsidiary manufacturing company tries very hard to offer an excellent service to all customers and visitors of this website including the protection of your data. We are aware that you would like to know how the data transmitted by you is grasped and used. In this data protection explanation we would like to announce the data protection regulations valid for this website.

This data protection explanation contains numerous details about the arrangements we take for the protection of your personal data. The text is divided into the most important procedures and areas, in order to find the information interesting for you quickly.

All our efforts are aimed to fulfil your needs and expectations. This includes the protection of your data. Should you have questions or doubts about the protection of your data after reading this data protection explanation, please send an e-mail to muenchen.marriott@marriotthotels.com or a letter to:

Middle Ring Properties GmbH
c/o Munich Marriott Hotel
Berliner Straße 93
80805 Munich

Visit our website

If you visit this website and call up sides of our servers, no personally identifiable information is grasped from your computer. That means: As long as you do not provide personally identifiable data to us consciously and from free pieces, your name, your e-mail address or other personally identifiable data are not known to us, excluding the access to our website via the link sent to you in an e-mail.

In this case your identity is known to us, on grounds of the information which you have transmitted to us at a former time. If you open a side of our website, our servers hold on the information which is performed in the HTTP Request Header (head line of a HTTP inquiry), including IP number, inquiry time, URL of the inquiry and other data which the HTTP Header contains. We grasp the information contained in the HTTP Request Header to make sure that our website functions correctly and to enable all functions on it for you. We also use this information to adapt the contents of sides with access individually. In addition, the information shows us how visitors use our website and how we can justify our website, its contents and functions to your needs.


We treat the information transmitted by you confidentially. Accordingly they are defeated by our company-owned security procedures and regulations for the protection and the use of confidential information. If you insert credit card data, these are transmitted via a SSL connection (Secured Sockets Layer), provided that you use a browser capable of SSL like Microsoft Internet Explorer or net cape navigator.

We also use SSL on other sides on which personally identifiable data can be entered. Thereby we ensure that your data is sent through the Internet only in coded form. This security mode is activated before such data is transmitted by your computer. You can recognize whether you are in the security mode if the small castle or the key is closed in the right or left screen corner. If you access a security server the first letters of the Internet address change from “http” to “https”.

If the Middle Ring Properties GmbH have received data, these are stored on a security server which is protected by Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access from the outside.

Should you have questions to the security on our web page, please write an e-mail to muenchen.marriott@marriotthotels.com.


“Cookies” are information a web page on the hard disk of your computer attaches for the purpose of recording. Cookies utilize the Internet easier while they store information about your preferences on a certain web page. Cookies do not identify the user themselves but they can identify the computer of a user. Our side uses Cookies to pursue the way a visitor takes on the web page.

The accumulated data from visitors on our side are summarized and analyzed to recognize trends and to improve the web page for future visits. The Cookies used by us record no personal data. If you close your Internet browser, the Cookies are simply extinguished. Most browsers permit Cookies in the default setting. Nevertheless you can adjust your browser in such a way that it does not accept Cookies if you prefer this. However, without Cookies our side might not be displayed optimally.

Other websites

The Middle Ring Properties GmbH hotel subsidiary manufacturing company is responsible only for the data protection and the contents of this website. We bear no responsibility for the data protection regulations or the use of Cookies on websites, from which you received access to this website, just as for the external websites which you have access to from this website.

Change of internet data protection explanation

It can happen that we carry out changes in this data protection explanation in the future. All changes are announced here. That way you are always informed about the fact which information we collect, what we use them for and whether we transmit them to third party. This explanation was updated at last in January, 2013.